Qatar ambassador to china participate in the Fourth Peace Garden Peace Festival in Beijing


H .E Mr. Sultan S. Almansouri  the Ambassador of the state of Qatar to China participated in the fourth Peace Garden Peace Festival which organized by China World Peace Foundation. It is important to note that ,  the approval of the United Nation General Assembly  resolution no   55/282 decided  that 21 September would be observed annually as international day of peace .

At the beginning of this activity H.E addressed a large gathering of ambassadors, diplomats, official from UNESCO and various international organizations. In his speech H.E. Mr. Sultan S. Almansouri   mentioned that this Festival comes at  a time when the  need for peace and stability is clear and urgent , he added, unfortunately these days  many conflicts  and disputes is spreading across  many regions and countries  around the world ,H. E  called for dialogue, consultation and diplomatic solution to resolve disputes as the only proper way to solve disputes  , he also pointed to the need to strengthen international cooperation to combat terrorism , he also noted that state of Qatar was one of the first countries to sign agreements with the U.N to combat terrorism globally , and contributed to resolving conflicts in different parts of the world .

H .E Mr. Sultan S. Almansouri    also described the Belt& Road initiative as positive sign of the people’s desire to coexist and build a common destiny for mankind. The Belt and Road Initiative in fact , he said , is an important move to enhance friendship between countries and promote mutual learning between different civilizations and share the benefits of development and peace ,the Broad acceptance of the initiative shows that peace and development are the common will and goal for all humanity he added .

H .E Mr. Sultan also noted the importance of promoting peace and regional security insisting  that  “ without peace and stability there will be no development and progress “. he conclude by calling  for strengthen the role and authority of the united nations and respecting its charter .