Travel instructions
  • Qatar citizens intending to visit the People’s Republic of China should go to the Chinese Embassy in Doha to get entry visas in advance.
  • Qatar citizens traveling in China should demand taxi receipt after arrival, which bears numbers of the driver and the taxi and contact information about the taxi company in case of missing any personal belongings.
  • After getting an entry visa into the People’s Republic of China, tourist should check the visa to make sure whether it’s multi-trip or one-trip. Tourist with one-trip visa after leaving for Hong Kong must get another entry visa from Chinese consul in Hong Kong before returning to China mainland once again.
  • It is noticed that forged bank notes with face values of 100 and 50 yuan spread recently in China. So we suggest checking especially bank notes taken over from taxis drivers or in bazaars by feeling protruding vertical lines beside Chairman Mao’s portrait one the right or feeling the protrusion on the shirt of Chairman Mao’s portrait.
  • Qatar Riyals don’t circulate in the People’s Republic of China so they should be changed into Dollars in advance and then to Chinese Yuan on arriving in China.
  • Beijing Capital International Airport consists of three adjacent terminals. Terminals 1 and 2 are specialized for domestic flights and terminal 3 for international flights.
  • For international calls to Chinese mobiles, 0086 should be added to the demanded number and for calls to fixed phones in Beijing, 008610 should be added to the demanded number.

Entertainment places in Beijing

Beijing is a city of civilization located in north China, an air transportation hub and political and cultural base for China. And following is some tourist attractions in Beijing.

The Forbidden City

The Palace Museum is known in the past as the Forbidden City as ruling headquarters for the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The Forbidden City is regarded as the biggest complex of ancient buildings kept well till now in China. The Forbidden City is located on an area of 155,000 m2 in a rectangular shape surrounded by walls, which to make it like a beautiful traditional Chinese castle.

Beijing Tiantan Park

The Tiantan Park, also called the Heaven Temple, is the most important temple in Beijing and the biggest religious building present in China and the world today. The Heaven Temple was built in 1420 as a place for worshiping during the Ming Dynasty and now acts as an open public garden.

Beihai Park

The Beihai Park, located in middle Beijing, was once used as royal gardens and then became a park in 1925. It’s one of the oldest royal gardens in China and the world today.

Yihe Park

Yihe Park, also called the Summer Palace, is one of the most ancient and genuine gardens in China with an area of 290 hectares. Visitors to Yihe Park can fully enjoy the Wanshou Mount and the Kunming Lake in addition to 3000 mansions of various shapes.

The Great Wall

The Great Wall of China extends more than 6000 kms as symbol of the Chinese Nation. The Great Wall is one of the greatest human works and the Badaling Great Wall in Yanqing County is no doubt one of the most important tourist attractions in Beijing.

Entertainment places in Shanghai

Disneyland Park

The biggest entertainment land in Asia.

Jinmao Tower in Shanghai

The Jinmao Tower in located in Pudong District in Shanghai. It has been the highest skyscraper in China till 2007, when the International Trade Center and the Shanghai Financial Center were completed. The Jinmao Tower is now the 5th highest building in the world. Jinmao Tower is close to the Oriental Pearl Tower and was designed by SOM Group. Geometric pattern of Jinmao Tower Both integrates traditional and modern elements in compliance with its height. The tower relies on 1620000 steel modules rooted 83 meters underground. The tower’s external walls are made of glass, steel, granite, aluminum molds to resist rusting and strong winds. Daily maintenance of the tower costs one million yuan (about 121000 dollars). The tower is equipped with advanced extinguishing facilities and stand up to 7 Richter degree earthquakes.

The Jinmao Tower has three main entrances and several emergency exits. There are many offices, companies, a hotel, a conference hall, many restaurants and entertainment places inside the tower, where visitors can enjoy shopping, exquisite food and overlooking landscapes around the tower. Many spider men have tried to climb the tower but the government prohibits behaviors like that and punished one of the non-permitted climbers by ten days in custody and deportation from the country. In 2004’s National Day Roland Simpson tried to jump from the tower but fell on a neighboring building due to a fault in the parachute. In 2009 laser was first used to advertise on the external walls of the tower. The Jinmao Tower  now attracts tourists from all over the world by virtue of its harmonious architecture.

 Shanghai Ocean aquarium

The Ocean aquarium is located in Lujiazui near the Oriental Pearl Tower. As one of the most attractive tourist point in Shanghai, the aquarium enables visitors to closely observe the ocean realm through a glass passage with all kinds of water creatures like fishes, sharks, whales, crocodiles in addition to fantastic shows given by some polar animals like the penguin and the sea lion.

The aquarium consists of nine main sections and each of them is highly amusing. Visitors like most the pond of predatory fishes like the electric eel, the shark and the giant Chinese salamander, which is so wild that visitors seldom have chances to get so close to it. The aquarium contains more than 300 kinds of sea life from all oceans of the world and each species has a private room highly resembling its original living environment. Visitors can take commemorative photos near the most ferocious oceanic creatures. Children happily watch penguin shows and feed the sea lion and finally come out with more knowledge about sea life.

The Bund Mansion in Shanghai

The bund area has many distinctive graceful buildings dated back to the colonial period of Shanghai. Large numbers of tourists gather here on the platform of the harbor enjoying shopping in the prosperous Nanjing Street. The bund area has been symbol of the city since 1920 and is regarded now as a distinctive architecture museum. The seven-storey Bund Mansion, originally called Union Building for insurance companies, was the first building to use a steel structure and the first achievement of Palmer & Turner in Shanghai. The mansion, designed according to renaissance style, has symmetric facades and unique Baroque details. The mansion has a corner dome and lies in the neighborhood of Nissin building completed 1925. The latter has been used by some Japanese shipping companies and now houses Huaxia Bank and Jindo Industry.  

The mansion combines modern architecture engineering with classic styles on an area of 1280 m2. The first three storeys are simply decorated while the upper storeys have classic columns and carved floras. Near the mansion stands the Oriental Wind Hotel which was formerly the British Club. The original building of the hotel, made of red bricks, was demolished and reconstructed 1910 in a modern classic style with black-white marble floors and Sicilian marble stairs. The hotel provides businessmen with an ideal club and exquisite rooms. In just one trip amidst the bund, visitors can experience architecture masterpieces hardly found elsewhere.

Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai

The Oriental Pearl Tower lies in Lujiazui area in Pudong District in Shanghai on the Huangpu River. The TV tower is a famous and unique tourist site in Shanghai. The 468 meter-high tower was designed by Jiang Huancheng. The construction began 1991 and finished 1994. The tower remained the highest in China until surpassed by the Shanghai World Trade Center in 2007. The tower soars into the sky lightening from all angles. The tower has 15 observatories that enable visitors to see all Shanghai’s landscapes at a height of 350 meters in addition to a fantastic revolving restaurant at a height of 267 meters where visitors can enjoy sightseeing along with dining. The tower contains shopping centers and a hotel called Space Hotel with 20 rooms.

It is said that the tower’s design was inspired by the Kuwait Towers, which combined a big pearl with a small one in two separate buildings so the designer this time merged two pears in one building. In 2001 a fire broke out in the upper section of the tower but soon came under control by virtue of modern extinguishing facilities. The tower is a fantastic place to take commemorative photos.