In case the passport is lost, the visiting or residing Qatar citizen should report to the police and turn to the Qatar Embassy to help record procedures of the passport and the trips.


China has a continental seasonal climate. Most parts of China are located in the temperate zone while southern areas of China lie in the tropical or subtropical zone and the utmost northern areas lie in the frigid zone. The climate in most regions is complicated. Deciding visit date to China depends on your destinations, your favorite weather and the price you require.

April, May, September, October are rush months for the most famous tourist destinations and the weather then will be perfect. Prices go down slightly in recession seasons extending from November to March and from June to August. Winter months, however, witness dense trips to Hainan Island for its bright suns and also to the northeastern city of Ha’erbin for its worldly-famous ice lantern festival. These winter months are also full of holidays as the New Year’s Day, the Chinese Spring Festival and other gorgeous local and national occasions. Summer months are great opportunities to explore far northeast of China (the so-called Manchuria).

Following is a form of suggested clothes in different seasons:

Spring: 10 to 22 centigrade, western dresses, jackets, sports coats, woolen jackets, sleeved shirts and travel shoes.

Summer: 22 centigrade or higher, T-shirts, semi-sleeved shirts, skirts, sandals, hats, raincoats.

Autumn: 10 to 22 centigrade, western dresses, jackets, sports coats, light woolen sweaters, raincoats and travel shoes.

Winter: 10 centigrade or lower, heavy cloaks, cotton clothes, and in most cold regions hats, gloves and cotton-padded shoes are necessary.

According to Chinese laws, a bearer of a foreign driving license within specified health and age limits in China and with a full knowledge of Chinese traffic regulations can go to the traffic administration in the city or province where he stays to apply for a Chinese driving license. And he should afterwards attend and succeed in the examination on traffic regulations before being awarded a Chinese driving license. There could be slight difference in this regard between cities and provinces and herein Beijing is taken example:

Firstly, required documents include 3 bareheaded color photos with white background, health certificate issued by an province hospital or higher (diplomats excluded), the foreign driving license translated into Chinese, identity document of the applicant registered the moment he entered China and his residence license in China.

Secondly, he can then go to the department of driving license in the administration of traffic in Beijing Municipality to fill a form and apply for a Chinese driving license. He’d better choose between C1(MT) or C2(AT) licenses because the former requires additional tests on driving skills.

Thirdly, after paying the specified fees the applicant should confirm date of his attending the examination on traffic regulations in a language he knows well. The applicant in case of passing the exam will be awarded a Chinese driving license within 5 office days. The license remains valid for 6 years and its renewal excludes any examinations.

Notice:  Since there could be differences between China and other countries in traffic regulations including traffic facilities, traffic signals and quantities of cars, the applicant is supposed to buy a guidebook in advance to acquire a full knowledge of these relevant issues.